Friday, November 09, 2007

Warrior Princess

This past weekend I learned that I am a "Warrior Princess." I heard Michele Miller speak at the ECPA Publishing University, an event for Christian publishers with training in different publishing areas. Michele's speciality is marketing to women. My job has nothing to do with marketing to women, but her presentation was incredibly interesting all the same. I love personality inventories and the like and used the information she presented to better understand myself and the world around me. Not what she intended perhaps, but more fun for me!

She made the case that to effectively market your product to women, you need to know a woman's internal motivations, not just her demographic. To help us better understand various types of women, she explored where women receive their energy from (external sources or internal) and how they value time (live in the moment or leave a legacy). Depending on the combination of these factors, she created four types. Here is what I learned about me...

I am an introvert and I want to leave a legacy. That makes me a "warrior princess." According to Michele, a warrior princess is methodical, efficient, logical and far-sighted. We tend to be perfectionists and have a strong sense of right and wrong. That certainly describes me. This helps explain why I enjoyed Sharon Hinck's book The Restorer so much!

The other types are "Regal Queen" (extrovert who lives in the moment), "Sorceress" (introvert who lives in the moment) and "Healer" (extrovert who wants to leave a legacy). To learn more about all four types you'll have to read Michele's new book when it comes out this January (sorry, I can't remember the title).

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