Thursday, April 10, 2008

Elijah is Three!

This has been a significant week for Elijah. His Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meeting with his school was on Monday, his third birthday on Tuesday and his first day of preschool on Wednesday!

We are very pleased with the IEP and the services that Elijah will receive. Our school district has been very easy to work with so far. Elijah's birthday was fun, but low-key. Al's mom and brother came over for dinner and we had cake and presents. Josiah had fun helping Elijah open his gifts and Elijah had fun throwing his arms in the air and yelling "Yay!" when we wished him a happy birthday.

Elijah's first day of school went well. He was a little nervous when I dropped him off, but had a good day. His teacher reported that he was happy and that he enjoyed exploring the room. I had a much harder time. I was able to hold my smile while dropping him off but started crying as soon as I got in my car to drive to work. Once I got to work I bawled in my office for awhile. He's just so small and he's our last child and he's starting preschool earlier than Josiah did... It all added up to a traumatic couple of hours for me. I felt much better once Al picked Elijah up from school and called to assure me that Elijah had a good first day. I think Elijah will really enjoy school once he gets used to the new setting and the new people.

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