Monday, March 10, 2008

Goodbye Crib

I was talking on the phone during Elijah's nap on Saturday when I heard a thud. I thought he had thrown a book or something out of his crib, but then I heard some scuffling. When I went to check on him, Elijah met me at his bedroom door! I practically hung up on my friend, exclaiming, "Oh! He got out his crib! I have to go." He had climbed out (even with his cast) and was ready to play. Fortunately, he wasn't hurt or even upset by the fall. I spent the rest of his nap time converting the crib to a toddler bed. We are keeping pillows around his bed until he learns how to sleep in the toddler bed without falling out.

He fell out of bed twice the first night. I awoke to a soft thumping (he self-soothes by bumping his head or foot on the mattress). I could tell he was thumping against the floor instead of the mattress. I got up to check on him and sure enough, he was sleeping on the floor. He barely even woke up either time. I gently put him back in bed.

The next day I was away during his nap time. I came home to this:

(note the pillows near his bed)

Elijah clearly was not interested in napping and since Al had closed the door, he decided it would be fun to throw everything on the floor. Sigh. I suspect that he will either stop taking naps most days or that we will have to monitor him until he falls asleep each afternoon.

It's kind-of bittersweet. On the one hand I'm proud that he is growing into a "big boy" and is ready for the toddler bed. On the other hand, we probably don't have any more babies and it's a little sad to say goodbye to the crib (and all of the sweet baby things associated with a crib).

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