Monday, August 06, 2007

Cute Kid Stuff

Here are some cute things the kids have said and done recently:

  • On Saturday Al took the kids to a picnic while I stayed home. Josiah didn't realize that I was not going with them until we were saying good bye. He looked at me and said, "Mommy, I can't live without you." It was very cute and made me melt a little.

  • Al was talking with Josiah about college and Josiah, hesitant about leaving home, said, "Will you and Mommy come with me?" Al assured him that when it was time for college Josiah would be happy to leave without us. Al mentioned that maybe Josiah would meet a cute girl at college and asked Josiah what color hair the girl might have (don't ask me why Al was talking about this with a five-year old). Josiah said the girl would have blond hair "like Mommy."

  • Last night we read a Bible story from Philippians 2, which led to a talk about temptation and the difference between thinking about doing something bad (temptation) and actually doing it (sin). So, I said something like, "Temptation is like when you think about stealing a cookie when no one is looking. If you don't actually steal the cookie, you haven't actually done anything bad. But if you do steal the cookie, that is bad. Its not always naughty to think about bad things, but you should not do bad things." We talked for awhile about Jesus being tempted and such. After a while I tried to wrap things up and pray, but Josiah said, "Wait, Mom. Let's think about some bad things for awhile." I think this may have been an attempt to delay bedtime, but it left me a little flabbergasted. That's not exactly what I meant to encourage...

  • Elijah has started imitating us a lot. Yesterday he followed me around the kitchen and copied me: open refrigerator, close drawer, dry hands on towel - almost everything I did, he at least tried to do. Later on he even put a bunch of pots up on the kitchen table like he was trying to cook something.

  • For the last few days every time I sneeze at home Elijah "sneezes" too. He even puts his hand over his mouth.

  • Elijah loves getting piggy back rides. If we are sitting on the floor he'll come up behind us and start climbing on our back. Once he is on our back he signs "go" and tries to say the word (although it usually comes out "bu" or something similar). At church this weekend we were standing in line for Eucharist when Elijah leaned forward in Al's arms and tried to climb onto my back for a ride! I'm not sure if anyone else noticed, but I thought it was pretty funny.


Llama Momma said...

So sweet! I love that he wants to meet a girl who looks like you. My twin boys are five, too, and I love the way their little brains think!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to exploring yours more.

Leticia said...

Christina can't seem to go downstairs anymore without a piggy back ride, especially in the morning when she's tired!
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Ellen said...

Llama momma - I know what you mean. I can't wait for our 2-year old to start talking so I can hear more about what is going on in his little head. By the way, I read your blog all the time, I just tend to "lurk."

Leticia - Thanks for stopping by and congrats on one year of blogging! I'm looking forward to reading the entries at the Carnical of Down Syndrome bloggers at your blog.