Thursday, May 25, 2006

More Josiah-isms

We were trying to get Josiah to brush his teeth before leaving for preschool. He was playing with a new toy and ignoring us. When we became more insistent he protested, "Leave me alone! You're ruining my life!"

Then at dinnertime, Ellen was telling Josiah about the positive review of Al's forthcoming book. Josiah said, "That's cool. You're awesome!"

At bedtime, Josiah wanted to stay up. He said, "Leave the light on, please. I want to read books, like you. I want to match you."

Then this morning, he found an ant crawling across the living room floor. Somehow he put it onto one of Elijah's toys, a treehouse that has rotating discs. I heard Josiah say, "He's spinning. He's getting dizzy." I went over to look at what he was doing, and I asked, "Where's the ant?" He pointed to a couple separate pieces of the ant and said, "He broke. He died."

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